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This website has chronicled the Barrow upon Trent Parish History Research Project from February 2013 to March 2014

stonelogoYou can follow the progress of the Project by following the links at the head and on the right of this page or by scrolling down this page

We also have a presence on HistoryPin

There is a DVD and Book of our findings which are available from the Team


Our findings are also available on our Results Page


Copies of the Book –  “ Barrow upon Tent – Our Story “ and of the DVD of the story of the village are still available – price £5.00 each

To purchase a copy please email either or

In addition  we have added to the Results Page an additional item by one of the elder members of the Parish

A personal history of her life in Barrow upon Trent by Irene Marson  ( added 27 March 2014 )

My Life in Barrow Upon Trent by Irene Marson

Open Day 1 March 2014

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Over 100 people attended a very successful Open Day on 1 March 2014 held at Brookfields, Barrow on Trent

openday1 openday2


At the open day the formal presentation of the book of the history and characters of the village and the accompanying  DVD took place. The two walking trails of the village and parish were also released



At the same time the DVD of the interviews carried out by the children of Sale and Davys Church of England Controlled Primary school and a DVD of the summary of the project were also displayed

dvd-2The DVD and book, together with the two walking trails of the village parish are being distributed to all the houses in the parish.

You can download the walking trails here  – PDF files

Parish Walks

Village Trail

All the visitors to the open day showed great interest in the displays of material of research which have been carried out over the past 12 months

Open Day at Brookfield 1400 on 1 March 2014

We are approaching the end of the project and an Open Day will be held at Brookfield at 14:00 hours on 1 March 2014

At the Open Day we will be launching the definitive DVD of the history of the village and church together with the book that will go to every house in the village and also the two new walks of the village and the parish

The short video below gives a flavour of what has been going on over the past 12 months


As part of the requirements for the Heritage Lottery Fund we have also established a project presence on the HistoryPin website which can be accessed by following this address!collections/all/

Dates for your Diary and January Update

Work is virtually completed on the village booklet and on the village and parish walks.

We are determined that the project will be completed by the end of February 2014.

There are therefore some dates for your diary.

The committee will meet at 19:00 hours for 19:30 hours on 27 February at Brookfield’.  Please be on time.

There will also be an Open Day for all of the village and any other interested parties at Brookfield on 1 March 2014 beginning at 14:00 hours.

December Update

The December Update is available early at

Our local Choir,  The Barrow Singers,   have  been involved in the project providing background music for the DVD which is being produced by our friends and colleagues from Nottingham University to demonstrate the archaeological history of the church of St Wilfrid, and the social history of the village.

August Update

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The progress report for August is available at

In addition, two members of the Team have been to London to visit the Headquarters of The Order of St John of Jerusalem.  They went to research the documents of the Order relating to our village church – but have returned with more questions than answers!!!



The team have also made a further visit to the Derbyshire Records Office at Matlock and we now have a large collection of digital records which need to be reviewed


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Not Quite Time Team!

Well not quite Time Team ! !

But Barrow on Trent did welcome an archaeological team from the University of Nottingham over the weekend of 5 to 7 July 2013

Dr Paul Johnson and Dr Chris King from the Department of Archaeology at the University of Nottingham visited the village to carry out a geophysical survey on a field close to the centre of the village.

The field was selected because it lay alongside the old road straight through the village and did have some very interesting lumps and bumps.

Several members of the project team assisted the archaeologists over the weekend, which was by far the hottest weekend of the summer so far!

There was a great deal of walking,  and the members of the project team who assisted the archaeologists now have a much clearer understanding of the amount of work required for a archaeological geophysical survey.

It looks so much easier on Time Team on the television!

The inserted video give some flavour of the weekend.

Barrow Archaeological Geophysical Survey



At the end of the weekend ( in the best traditions of time team ) we had an informal gathering and afternoon tea ( with beer ) in the Brookfield’s club in the village

The preliminary results of the geophysical survey seem to indicate that we have agricultural evidence but no significant archaeological evidence

Two trips out.

July has seen two further external visits for the Project and the Team Members

The first trip,  for young people of the village,  was to the Black Country Museum in Dudley to gain an insight into life during the Victorian period.

Youth Group Black Country 022

The schoolchildren have already had the opportunity to experience the Victorian classroom at the Museum of childhood at Sudbury Hall, but this trip allowed the older young people of the village to get a taste of Victorian life during the Industrial Revolution.

Youth Group Black Country 021

They had the opportunity to travel on a barge,

Youth Group Black Country 029

and also the opportunity to visit a coal drift mine

Youth Group Black Country 015

Three members of the project team visited Nottingham University for a half term progress report.  A number of projects were represented and it was a good opportunity to display what we have done and also to see what others have done.


We returned with a number of ideas for the future

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Two New Items

Two new items have been added to the Blog

An historic building assessment of the Church of St Wilfrid, Barrow-upon-Trent was carried out by Peter F Ryder B.A, M.Phil, F.S.A in April 2013.

You can access his report from the Church page at

John Spencer – a member of the Project team has compiled


The name of John Spencer – the great uncle of the author of the report is recorded on the Memorial

You can access his report from the The War Memorial  page at

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Half Term Update for April


Archaeologist’s Visit

We have had a survey of the church undertaken by the archaeologist Peter Ryder. We are still waiting for his final report but I am including here a few lines of his draft report

The young people of the village were fascinated by the visit of the archaeologist !

sandd2 sandd3

Structural History

This is an intriguing building, and its development is not easy to reconstruct. Canon Cox, who has been followed by most subsequent writers, interpreted the following scenario:

Early 13th century; North arcade and the walls of both aisles as of the early 13th century.

c1300. Lower part of the tower together, three windows and doorway in north aisle.

c1320-1330. South arcade and south aisle windows, south porch, and east window of he north aisle.

‘Perpendicular’ (late 14th/15th century). Belfry, clerestory and the window and door on the south of the chancel.

Some other accounts have seen the nave being lengthened to the west in the 13th century.

As often with older church interpretations, there was a heavy reliance on stylistic dating of architectural features, and little observation of changes in fabric type. A longer and more complex chronology can now be tentatively offered:

He continues by giving a very thorough and detailed account of how he interprets the stones of the building, starting by saying that parts of the Nave are Anglo-Saxon. The report will be posted on the web as soon as it is finalised.


Additionally, we have received a further grant from Nottingham University to have the fields beside the Chapel – “ The Mere “ – surveyed. It is hoped that this will take place in June.

Open Day Barrow Village Hall 13 April 2013

We had a very successful Open Day on the 13th April in the Village Hall. This created a great deal of interest and was well attended. The History of the following areas of the parish was featured and there was general astonishment amongst team members as well as visitors regarding the amount of material that had been discovered already.



Anne Heathcote:           Church

Catherine Blackmore:    The Nook

Coleen March:               The Chapel

Dave Hately:                  Brookfield and Manor Croft

Duncan Hewitt:             Arleston and Web site

Glenis Palmer:                Manor House and Court

Helen Atkin:                   Youth Group; time capsule, leaflets and reception

Jill Scarfe:                      Buildings, Beaumonts and Barrow Hall

John Spencer:               The Cross



Kate Webberley
and Sarah Briggs:           People and School

Ken Atkin:                     The Grange, Fields and Farms

The all important refreshments were provided by Jean Croft with Jo Foster and Mandy Moss

A fuller report will be published at the end of the month



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Meeting Brookfields 19 March 2013


Nottingham University and Jill Scarfe have produced a poster to advertise the project

I have reproduced it below


I have also begun a presence for the Project and the village on Twitter –

I’ll hold up my hands I don’t really understand Twitter and Tweets but I will be posting Tweets from time to time to see if that gets the message out wider!

If we have any younger members of the group who understand Twitter I would welcome help and advice

Anyway you will find me on Twitter as AGEley@barrowontrent   and I have produced hashtags for  #barrowontrent and #barrowupontrent

Finally A reminder

There is a meeting of the Group at Brookfields  7.30pm 19 March 2013

Time for an Update

Duncan Hewitt has produced some fantastic maps for the project

You will find them on the “ Parish Maps “ page – the “ Early Years and “ Village “ pages have also been updated to bring the maps into line with Duncan’s work

I am including a link to the help document – a PDF file –  for anyone who is unfamiliar with the interactive mapping system that we are using

How to use the Google Interactive maps   .PDF file

The new maps no longer have the Side Bar – but click on any of the Pins for information about the locality

I will update the Help information as soon as I am able