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February Update

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The Heritage Lottery Fund

Barrow upon Trent’s  “ All Our Stories ”  the Heritage Lottery funded project is well underway.

We have had three group meetings; we have received generous help from other parishioners and we are collecting a lot of information regarding the history of our parish.

Please help us if you can. These are the areas that the group is concentrating on

1. General information about the parish
2. Barrow Properties
3. Arleston, Merrybower and surrounds
4. Fields, river and maps
5. The War memorial
6. Local People
7. The Church and the Knight’s Hospitallers
8. Relevant Literature

Each member of the group has their own special interests and the school children have already toured the village to hear about the history of some of our historic buildings and to take photographs.

Senior citizens with exciting memories are sharing these with us; an archaeologist will spend time surveying our church; we have been offered student help from Nottingham University to make further archaeological investigations of our fields and of anything else we ask of them

S0 – “ Where we are “  –    “ What have we done so far “  and “ Where are we going  “

“ What have we done so far “

The children from the School have been out and about in the village taking photographs and asking questions ( the weather has been fairly awful ) and they have spent rather more time within the school working on the project – more details later

The Overview and Early History Pages have been completed

Each of the individual teams within the group have been busy collecting information.

Trips have been made to the Local Records Office in Matlock and research is continuing on the War Memorial – collecting information from the Chatsworth Estate, and also visiting Chester to investigate the stonemason who constructed the Memorial.

Interviews have been taken, both video and audio of the elder citizens residents of the village.

We are beginning to collect, collate and digitise the information

A number of workshops have been held at the University of Nottingham, not just for our group but for all 15 of the local groups who have obtained Heritage Lottery Grants for the “ All Our Stories ” project.

So for some of the team members it has been a case of back-to-school   !!

We have continued to develop the website.

We now have a number of interactive maps which we think will be a useful resource for the future.

It has become apparent that storing large video and audio files is both quite quite difficult and time consuming but we are persevering with the process.

The original files are being uploaded to our resource area and will be available for anyone to download

It is important her to realise that these are very large files and they do take a very long time to download.

You really do need a fast Internet connection if you intend to download the video files although the audio files may be more reasonable

WARNING – even using my fast internet – ( BT Infinity 2 – which does download at 75 MBs ) it takes well over 5-10 minutes to download the video files

( This may be an appropriate point to compliment the Members and Chairman of the Barrow on Trent Parish Council – without their hard work in bringing Fast Broadband to the village it would be impossible to attempt what we are now doing )

Small clips of the video files have been uploaded to YouTube and will be embedded in the appropriate pages of the website to demonstrate the sort of material we are archiving.

It is almost certain that at the end of the project the videos will be incorporated into DVDs as an alternative to being available online.

The clips of the videos archive so far are available on the Oral History page.

So the first month has been quite active!!

“ Where are we going  “

This will see an increase of outside visits and the continuation of the collection and digitisation of information.

We will continue to investigate how the information will be displayed and presented once the initial part of the project is completed

Look at these pages and let me have your comments


Early History


Oral History ( under development ) but we would welcome comments on the video clips


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The Heritage Lottery Fund

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