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March Update

March has been a month for consolidation.

We have had a couple more meetings of the Group and individual research has been going on at breakneck speed.

The early pages of the Overview and Early Years of the local area have been completed and we have continued the work on interactive maps for the Blog

John Spencer has carried out an enormous amount of work on the War Memorial and this work is nearly complete.

Two lengthy videos and three audio interviews have been completed with older members of the Parish and these await editing and transcription.  Short “ taster “ videos are available on the Oral History Page of the Blog

Several members of the group have attended workshops at Nottingham University and three members of the group have spent three days at the Derbyshire Records Office at Matlock looking into the documents relating to the history of the parish and the village.

One other member of the Group took advantage of an organised trip to the Headquarters and Hospital of St John in London for background information on the Knights Hospitaller.

The Children of Sale and Davys school have also been heavily involved in activity regarding the Victorian history of the village.

These items are all represented in the gallery of photographs accessible here

Our next major event is a public meeting in the Barrow on Trent village hall to be held on Saturday 13 April 2013 from 11.00AM to 4.00PM

On the 13 April we expect to have presentations from the following members of the Group

Coleen;         Chapel
Anne:     Church
Duncan:  Arleston and Web site
John:    The Cross
Glenis:    Manor House and Court
Kate and Sarah:    School
Ken:    The Grange, Fields and Farms
Catherine:    Buildings
Dave:    Brookfield and Manor Croft
Helen: Youth Group; time capsule, leaflets and reception
Jill:   People and Barrow Hall
Jean: most important REFRESHMENTS

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