e. June

June has been a month where the activities for the younger members of the village have come to the fore.

One of the stated aims of the local project was to attempt to involve every age group within the village in the project.

This was to be achieved by using both the Team members and  children from the school ( Sale and Davy’s CE Controlled Primary School ) in interviewing the older and long-standing residents of the village using both audio-visual and audio interviewing techniques.


This has been achieved.

The children have learned how to use the video recorders and audio equipment and the children and the Team have carried out a number of interviews including an interview with the oldest resident of the village Mrs Suzie Dixon – a centenarian and also Mrs Jean Johnson, a former member of the Women’s Land Army



Mrs Dixon was able to give an interesting account of her life in the village for 100 years and Mrs Johnson also about her time with the “ Women’s Land Army “ during the Second World War “


The interviews have had a first edit and a first demonstration DVD has been produced.

The children at school have also been extremely busy learning about life in the village during the Victorian era. They have carried out embroidery.


They have also visited the building s of interest within the village to learn about them and they have made drawings and models.


We are particularly fortunate that the National Trust maintain a country house – Sudbury Hall – about 10 miles away from our village.


This house contains ” The Museum of Childhood”. The younger members of the village were able to visit the museum as part of the project.

One of the highlights of the Museum is an authentic Victorian classroom – where the children are invited to participate in a typical Victorian lesson!


This was an extremely interesting and educative moment for the children.


At one point one of the young people was heard to remark

” I know this is only make-believe – but that teacher is awfully scary! “




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