f. July

July was a busy  month

Two new items have been added to the Blog

An historic building assessment of the Church of St Wilfrid, Barrow-upon-Trent was carried out by Peter F Ryder B.A, M.Phil, F.S.A in April 2013.

You can access his report from the Church page at


John Spencer – a member of the Project team has compiled


The name of John Spencer – the great uncle of the author of the report is recorded on the Memorial

You can access his report from the The War Memorial  page at


  Two Outside visits

July has seen two further external visits for the Project and the Team Members

The first trip,  for young people of the village,  was to the Black Country Museum in Dudley to gain an insight into life during the Victorian period.

Youth Group Black Country 022

The schoolchildren have already had the opportunity to experience the Victorian classroom at the Museum of childhood at Sudbury Hall, but this trip allowed the older young people of the village to get a taste of Victorian life during the Industrial Revolution.

Youth Group Black Country 021

They had the opportunity to travel on a barge,

Youth Group Black Country 029

and also the opportunity to visit a coal drift mine

Youth Group Black Country 015

Three members of the project team visited Nottingham University for a half term progress report.  A number of projects were represented and it was a good opportunity to display what we have done and also to see what others have done.


We returned with a number of ideas for the future

Well not quite Time Team ! !

But Barrow on Trent did welcome an archaeological team from the University of Nottingham over the weekend of 5 to 7 July 2013

Dr Paul Johnson and Dr Chris King from the Department of Archaeology at the University of Nottingham visited the village to carry out a geophysical survey on a field close to the centre of the village.

The field was selected because it lay alongside the old road straight through the village and did have some very interesting lumps and bumps.

Several members of the project team assisted the archaeologists over the weekend, which was by far the hottest weekend of the summer so far!

There was a great deal of walking,  and the members of the project team who assisted the archaeologists now have a much clearer understanding of the amount of work required for a archaeological geophysical survey.

It looks so much easier on Time Team on the television!

The inserted video give some flavour of the weekend.

Barrow Archaeological Geophysical Survey

At the end of the weekend ( in the best traditions of time team ) we had an informal gathering and afternoon tea ( with beer ) in the Brookfield’s club in the village

The preliminary results of the geophysical survey seem to indicate that we have agricultural evidence but no significant archaeological evidence

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