j. November

November has seen us continuing to digitise the records, and work on the index.

Each individual member of the team has collected a considerable amount of personal information, much of which will not be entered directly into the project as such, but will be retained as research information for the benefit of the other members of the team.

Where the individuals have passed the information to the IT controller we have  ensured that multiple backup copies have been saved.

In addition work has continued on the two leaflets for the walks and on the booklet about the village. 

Once these are complete digital copies will be made and added to the project.

The other major event in November has been the initial work on producing a video of the church and the social history of the village.

church-video-1 church-video-2


The video interviews produced by the school have been edited and a DVD created, although some post-production work if still required on this DVD.

The audio records which we have produced have not yet been edited.

The extension of the project to the end of January 2014 is very welcome.

Members of the team will attend Nottingham University for a presentation on the work so far on 7 December 2013

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