A Quick Update

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The Heritage Lottery Fund

Who are we – and why are we doing this

Who are we ?    Well – we are a group of people  – resident or with connections with the village and parish of Barrow on Trent in Derbyshire with an interest in the history of the village and parish

Why are we doing this ?   We received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund  under their  “ All our Stories “  Project to research and digitise the history of the parish and village.

Follow this Link for information on the Heritage Lottery Fund   “ All our Stories Project

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There will be updates at least once a month and also if we have new news to pass on

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The Heritage Lottery Fund

First Update

This is the first update to the Barrow on Trent Heritage Lottery Project Blog

Jill Scarfe has also added a formal first Progress Report

Regular Formal Progress Reports and photographs of the team  in action will appear on the “ Progress of the Project “  Page

The blog is a work in progress but so far I have written the Overview and Early History pages to place the Parish in a Geographic and Historical context

Following the suggestion by Duncan Hewitt I have added several interactive maps on the Early History Page and the Village page as well as a link to Duncan’s map on the Arleston Page.  Try them out and let me know what you think

I have also added some help on the Help and Resources Page – I would welcome feedback on these items as well

Again following advice from Duncan I have set up some Cloud storage using Mediafire – advice on how to access the information is on the Help and Resources Pages


I have just discovered that MediaFire claim that you can only view files directly in MediaFire if you are using either Firefox or Chrome as your browser

Mediafire claim that preview is not supported in Internet Explorer – but it works for me using Explorer 10 under Windows 7 

Finally I have added a list of significant buildings in the village just as a basis for future work – the same applies to the Church page – as information and documents come forward the current information will be overwritten

From the Blog angle I still have some work to do on how we will display the Oral History from the School

Barrow on Trent Heritage Lottery Project

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The Heritage Lottery Fund

This website has ben established to facilitate the work of the Barrow on Trent Heritage Lottery Project

The initial information has been extracted from existing data and will be subject to continuing research and correction

It is very much a working blog and holds “  work in progress  “ on the Project.

The Help Page will be developed to assist Project Members as the project progresses

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