Meeting Brookfields 19 March 2013


Nottingham University and Jill Scarfe have produced a poster to advertise the project

I have reproduced it below


I have also begun a presence for the Project and the village on Twitter –

I’ll hold up my hands I don’t really understand Twitter and Tweets but I will be posting Tweets from time to time to see if that gets the message out wider!

If we have any younger members of the group who understand Twitter I would welcome help and advice

Anyway you will find me on Twitter as AGEley@barrowontrent   and I have produced hashtags for  #barrowontrent and #barrowupontrent

Finally A reminder

There is a meeting of the Group at Brookfields  7.30pm 19 March 2013

Time for an Update

Duncan Hewitt has produced some fantastic maps for the project

You will find them on the “ Parish Maps “ page – the “ Early Years and “ Village “ pages have also been updated to bring the maps into line with Duncan’s work

I am including a link to the help document – a PDF file –  for anyone who is unfamiliar with the interactive mapping system that we are using

How to use the Google Interactive maps   .PDF file

The new maps no longer have the Side Bar – but click on any of the Pins for information about the locality

I will update the Help information as soon as I am able

A Quick Update

logo 2

The Heritage Lottery Fund

Who are we – and why are we doing this

Who are we ?    Well – we are a group of people  – resident or with connections with the village and parish of Barrow on Trent in Derbyshire with an interest in the history of the village and parish

Why are we doing this ?   We received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund  under their  “ All our Stories “  Project to research and digitise the history of the parish and village.

Follow this Link for information on the Heritage Lottery Fund   “ All our Stories Project

If you wish to be kept informed of the progress of the Project the easiest way to do so is to click on the “ Follow “ button on the bottom right hand corner of this page

Add your email address and each time the Blog is updated you will receive an email notifying you that there has been a new Blog Post

There will be updates at least once a month and also if we have new news to pass on

Finally a request to anyone who has already clicked on the “ Follow “ button – please drop me an email at just so that I know the system works !

logo 2

The Heritage Lottery Fund