d. May


May has been a month of consolidation.

Members of the team have continued their individual research and we are amassing a considerable amount of information which we must examine and index before deciding which bits of the information we intend to preserve for posterity.

Two members of the team attended a seminar held by Nottingham University regarding websites and how the information will finally be presented.

The school have been very busy.

The children have learned how to use the audio and video equipment and have now completed a number of interviews with members of the village.

These videos have been given a very quick first edit and the intention is that by the end of June the children will have completed more interviews and the first edit of all of the interviews will have been completed and a demonstration DVD will have been produced.

At the beginning of July, a field in the centre of the village will be subjected to a geophysical survey to see if this turns up any additional information.

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