k. December

December, inevitably, will be a quiet month for the project.  Little work will be done in the last 10 days of the month!

Three members of the team attended a whole day meeting and celebration at Nottingham University at the beginning of December, to celebrate those projects which are nearing completion and progress reports on those that are still progressing.


The Barrow on Trent project leader, Dr Jill Scarfe, delivered an impressive presentation, not on what we have discovered, but on what we have done to make the discoveries.

nott-jill-pres1 nott-jill-pres2

The day closed with a small celebration, the entertainment was provided by our local village choir, The Barrow Singers.

This talented local group have also been involved in the project providing background music for the DVD which is being produced by our friends and colleagues from Nottingham University to demonstrate the archaeological history of the church of St Wilfrid, and the social history of the village.

Sadly I was not able to take a video of them when they provided the background music but the video below gives an indication of their singing when they performed their Christmas concert in the church of St Wilfrid.

Work continues on the village and parish walks and on the definitive booklet of the history and social history of the village

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