White’s Directory of Derbyshire – 1857 – Sinfin & Arleston

“SINFIN and ARLESTON form a joint township, returned in 1851 as being in the Appletree Hundred, and contains together 791A. 1R. 33P. of land, 12 houses, and 69 souls, of whom 40 were males, and 29 females; rateable value, £1317 18s. 6d. Sinfin, two and a half miles S. from Derby, contains two farm and two cottage houses. Sir J. H. Crewe, Bart., is the sole owner. Sinfin house is a neat residence occupied by Mrs. Eliz. Bancroft, farmer, whose family have resided in Barrow parish upwards of 300 years. Arleston, four and a half miles S. by W. from Derby, contains two farm and six scattered cottage houses, Sir J. H. Crewe, Bart., is owner. Arleston house, is a very ancient building, supposed to have formerly been a chapel. The front is supported by stone buttresses, and in the interior is a place in which was a bell. On the north side formerly stood a large hall or castle, which was taken down some years ago. The Trent and Mersey canal occupies 8A. 2R. 34P. of land. Merrybower, quarter-mile S., was formerly an open common, and was about 100 years ago noted for a public house upon it, kept by George Clay, who had a cock-pit here, and was celebrated as a deer stealer. His house was a noted rendezvous for similar characters.”

Taken from White’s Directory of Derbyshire, 1857.

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