5. Oral History

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The Heritage Lottery Fund

The Children of Sale & Davys CE Primary School,  Barrow upon Trent have recorded interviews with the elder residents of the parish both on video and on audio.

You can download the videos from our Mediafire Storage by following these links

Sale and Davys Interview 1

Sale and Davys Interview 2

Sale and Davys Interview 3

Sale and Davys Interview 4

Sale and Davys Interview 5

During World War Two, Barrow Hall accommodated evacuees from London –earlier this year we were fortunate to be able to interview two of the evacuees when they returned to the village

Interview with World War Two Evacuees


The files are quite large and download time  even on fast internet is about 2 minutes each –

The files will be available on DVD – the DVD is in post-production at present

There are also additional videos and audio recordings of elder residents, but these are as yet unedited and not yet released

We have embedded a few video clips from YouTube on this page to give a flavour of the information that we are recording.

You should have no problems downloading  the You Tube Files

Video Eric Gibbs and May Draper

A video of the floods in Barrow on Trent in the year 2000 – and described by the environment agency as a once in a century flood!!


Although the River Trent does sometimes flood the low lying agricultural land in the parish,  the houses in the village rarely suffer from flooding !

The Heritage Lottery Fund

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